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It is a special experience to be in the very “heart” of Dubrovnik, on one of the most beautiful promenades in Europe – Stradun, and to feel the rhythm of this incredible city.  Dubrovnik has an extraordinary energy. Maybe because of its history, maybe because of the people or because of the combination of old and new, beautiful architecture and modern life. Whatever the reason, we are always happy to return to it and discover something new.


This time we had the opportunity to take a look at a beautiful palace on Stradun. We strolled there many times, enjoyed the atmosphere, observed the villas and residences and wondered what was behind the centuries-old stone walls. That’s why we were delighted by the invitation of Damir Bogdanović, the director of the Forty Four restaurant, to visit the luxurious family Villa 44, which is located in the central location of Stradun.

It is interesting that during the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik, the Statute precisely prescribed the arrangement in the buildings. Thus, the ground floor had always been a commercial and business space. There were living rooms on the first floor, and bedrooms on the second floor. It was decided that the kitchens were always located in the attic because of the great fire that hit Dubrovnik in the 17th century.

The very entrance to the lobby is impressive. It reveals the magnificent Renaissance staircase which leads to the first and second floors and to the attic. Villa 44 was carefully renovated according to all professional standards and under the supervision of the Conservation Department of Dubrovnik, considering that the city is part of the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

The luxurious staircase led us to the first floor and a spacious living room, which is connected to the dining room and kitchen.

Details in stone and wood, Italian frescoes, Ionic capitals on columns are combined with designer furniture, works of art and modern household appliances.

Art is present throughout the palace.

We especially liked that the rooms have high ceilings and lots of natural light.

Special attention is paid to details that give the villa a unique charm.

Of course we immediately went to check the window view. The brilliance of Stradun, the singing of birds and the view of superb and rich architecture will remain in our memories for a long time.

Villa 44 has three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a large living room, dining room, kitchen, study and rooms for storage. All of these on four floors and 270 square meters.  The rooms are spacious as well as the bathrooms and offer all possible comfort needed by the guest.

Interesting fact: Why number 44 in the name? The name of the villa is connected with the jersey number of the owner Bojan Bogdanović, a great lover of Dubrovnik and a world-famous NBA basketball player.

It goes without saying that the location of this exclusive villa is really excellent, as all attractions and points of interest are close at hand. 

Here are some suggestions on what to do in Dubrovnik:

  • Visit the City Walls, enjoy a morning walk and beautiful scenes
  • Have a picnic on Mount Srđ at sunset
  • Visit one of Dubrovnik’s museums such as the Rector’s Palace
  • Visit goldsmiths, who still make traditional Dubrovnik jewelry using old-fashioned methods
  • Have a swim at the popular Banje Beach
  • For all the fans of the series, there is also a Game of Thrones tour
  • For all the music lovers, a visit to one of the concerts at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a must
  • Go on a speedboat excursion to the nearby islands and coves
  • Visit the Arboretum
  • Head to Cavtat and visit the birthplace of Vlaho Bukovac, a famous Croatian painter

According to some, the most beautiful basketball court with a sea view.

The palace’s guests do not need to worry about meals. The excellent restaurant Forty Four, located across the street from the palace, will ensure a magnificent gastronomic experience.


If you turn from Stradun into Miha Pracata 6, you will reach Forty Four restaurant. Going through the stone passage with tables on your right, you will reach the courtyard and the entrance to the restaurant’s interior. Warm tones and the combination of stone and wood give an elegant touch to the space and a very pleasant feeling. Likewise, the hosts welcomed us in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere – director Damir Bogdanović, restaurant manager Slavko Gašpar and their entire team.

Forty Four is a fine dining restaurant, known for fresh local food, top quality fresh seafood, meat and olive oil. The restaurant is a real hidden oasis in the middle of the old town of Dubrovnik where you can enjoy a peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

Mandatory photo point in the restaurant with the jersey of Bojan Bogdanović, which is visited by many world sports stars.

We had the opportunity to try several specialties from their menu. For lunch, we ordered breaded artichokes stuffed with four types of cheese and fantastic Escargot Bourgogne. We tried escargot prepared in this way for the first time and it is an understatement to say that we are delighted with their softness and suppleness. Homemade bread was an excellent addition, as was a glass of Posejdon Chardonnay from Bogdanović Winery. With its fresh and aromatic notes, it perfectly complemented our selection.

For dinner, we chose lamb chops in sauce with mint puree and glazed carrots and baked veal roll with baked potatoes and peppermint cream. We paired them with a glass of Bogdanović winery Cabernet Sauvignon, which was an excellent combination. This black, drinkable wine comes from vineyards located in the very east of Slavonia. The Bogdanović family produces several well-known varieties of wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Graševina. Their wines are the result of their love and passion for wine, grapes and winemaking tradition, and their goal is to create top quality and authentic wines.

Bogdanović’s Cabernet Sauvignon has a recognizable ruby ​​red color, full flavor and is extremely harmonious. The taste of Bogdanović wine in combination with this superb dinner took us on an exclusive gastronomic “journey”. You can find Bogdanović Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as other labels of the Bogdanović winery, at selected locations.

One of the locations where you can taste and buy Bogdanvić wines is the Oio Vivo & Wine bar, which is located in the very center of Zagreb in Old Vlaška street, right next to August Šenoa’s monument.

By visiting Villa 44 and the Forty Four restaurant, we were enriched by new experiences, which always cheer us up when we visit Dubrovnik. What is even more important are the new people, acquaintances and friendships. If you want an exclusive accommodation experience in Dubrovnik and a real gastronomic treat, we recommend that you visit Villa 44 and Restaurant Forty Four.

Jasminka Đaković

Photos: Putopis

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