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How to spend 3 days in Istria? This is really a tough one. My friend recently asked me for some suggestions  – what she and her husband could do and experience in Istria at the weekend. So I started with recommendations and ….. I kept going and going ….

It made me realize – there is so much going on on this Croatian peninnsula. One has to choose wisely and of course must be guided by their own affinities. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend Istrian gastro & wine experience, because I’m convinced no one will be dissapointed.

So, here are just some of the ideas (things that I personally experienced) that could make your stay in Istria unforgettable:


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I spent one amazing morning truffle hunting in the woods near Buzet. Our host were Daniela and her mother, an experienced and exceptional lady who’s been hunting truffles her whole life. She’s been doing it at night as well. This brave lady even had a close encounter with the wild boars one night in the woods. And while that sounded terrifying to me, she was so cool explaining how she took her dog in her arms and climbed up the tree nearby. Well that’s the spirit I would say. After finding some beautiful black truffles it was time to taste them, and I can say that this was a real gastro feast. Especially the truffle fritata. The family owns the whole business Natura truffles, they even produce truffle beer but what is the most important – they do it with love and you can feel it.

 Photo credit: Putopis

TIP: bring your old shoes or sneakers for the woods. Depending on the weather and season it could be muddy so be sure to be prepared. In the summertime go truffle hunting in the early morning hours – that’s the best time because it is too hot and humid in the woods later in the day.



You will find lots of great chefs doing their magic in restaurants all over Istria. You will also find lots of wonderful and awarded wine producers there. So when you combine those two together, the experience is really amazing. One of the specialties, for sure, is fresh fish, and chefs often combine it with local organic vegetables.  Shark sous vide with mashed sun-dried tomatoes, white beet sprouts and black olive granules was one of the divine dishes I had. Oh, and combined with Istrian malvazija, it was really a heavenly gastro adventure. And if you ever wondered what is the secret behind the good wine…well I’ll happily reveal it to you, just as a renowned Istrian wine producer revealed it to me:

”A good wine should be as a good friend – easy to understand”


 Photo credit: Putopis

TIP: make a reservation in advance. Some of the finest Istrian restaurants are booked ahead so make sure you get your table on time (you can find more info at IstraGourmet ).  While visiting a wine cellar or doing some wine tasting buy a bottle of wine. You can enjoy it after your vacation. It’s always great to remember happy moments tasting a good glass of Istrian wine.


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This little picturesque town had quite a history. Once it was a trade and agricultural centre. Wine, olive oil and other products were sold in Trieste. But historic events and change of government caused migration and, at one point in time, Grožnjan was left empty, almost deserted. For this reason, in 1965 Grožnjan was proclaimed the town of artists. The artists were invited to settle there. They came from different parts of the country to live, work and create, and they all got free accommodation. Since then, the town lives its life mainly through art, which is reflected in numerous art galleries and studios, music workshops, art fairs, jazz festivals… There is a kind of poetic and bohemian feeling when you visit it and stumble upon artists painting in the street while music resounds the Grožnjan’s cobbled streets.


 Photo credit: Domagoj Sever

TIP: if you like taking photos, there’s plenty of great motives to capture. Just stroll the town’s streets and keep your eyes open. Don’t miss the café with the beautiful view of the surrounding hills.



There are lots of beautiful sunset ‘spots’  all over  Croatia, inland or along the coast. But some places stay carved in your memory as ‘more’ beautiful than the others. Sunset in Novigrad was definitely among my top 5.


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TIP: watch the sunset from the local bar by the sea and enjoy it while sipping your favourite drink.



As a person who has ‘both feet on the ground’, going to zip line in Pazin was really a big challenge to me. I guess my curiosity prevailed my fear, and I just made a decision to do it (and not to look at the depths beneath me before I ‘step’ into this big adventure). The Pazin’s zip line team Zip line Pazinska jama was wonderful and gave me additional courage and sense of security. I had an unforgettable experience riding 50 km/h on a steel rope. The view of the pit, cave and castle was incredible and the overall experience was a real adrenaline rush. Pazin’s pit is a natural phenomenon and even the famous Julius Verne mentioned it in his novel Mathias Sandorf (1885). I would recommend this adventure to all the adrenaline lovers.



TIP: Be sure to discuss all the restrictions and security measures with the zip line team. Don’t take selfies if you are clumsy (you don’t want your phone to end up at the bottom of the pit), rather opt for a GoPro if you have it and want to capture the moment.


Jasminka Đaković


This trip was part of the blog trip organised by #ShareIstria.

All stated opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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Shannon Kircher 21. July 2017. - 17:28

Love this! We’ll be visiting Istria for 5 days this September and are planning on doing all of these things (except for the ziplining). Thanks for the tip on the sunset in Novigrad as well!

Putopis 18. September 2017. - 21:40

Thank you so much :-) I really appreciate your feedback. Hope you’ll enjoy your visit to Istria. You can check out our new blog post for some more ideas of what to do there.


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